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Civil 3D is an engineering software application used by civil engineers and other professionals to plan, design, and manage civil engineering projects. These projects fall under the three main categories of land development, water, and transportation projects; and can include construction area development, road engineering, river development, port construction, canals, dams, embankments, and many others. Civil 3D allows is used to create three-dimensional (3D) models of land, water, or transportation features while maintaining dynamic relationships to source data such as grading objects, breaklines, contours, and corridors. As an industry-leading building information modeling (BIM) solution, Civil 3D is well known in the civil engineering community and widely used on a variety of infrastructure projects both large and small.


 Introduction to Civil 3D

 Working with Workspaces

 Creating Drawing Template

 Parcel Creations


 Create Profiles using an Existing Terrain Surface

 Edit Profile Geometry

 Profile Views

 Assembling & Corridors

 Extract Grading Feature Lines from Corridor

 Cross Sections & Quantities

 Grading & Quantities

 Create Interim Grading Surface

 Create Spot Elevation & Grade Labels


 Pipe Networks

 Importing AutoCAD Land Data


 Reference Objects


100 Hours


Student Projects


Caddschool Certification

Caddschool Certification

International Certification

Course Eligibility

A student of B. E, B. Tech and Diploma in Civil/Mechanical/Production/Automobile departments – current studying and passed out.

The students who have appeared for final year exam can also apply.

Industry professional who want to improve their software skills and job upgradation.

Course Material


You can get International certification for course completion.

You can get International certification for Autodesk professional.

You can get International certification for certified user.

You can get placements in design oriented core companies.

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